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Boston Animal and Revere Pet Clinics
Boston and Boston Area, MA

  Boston Road Animal Clinic in Boston, also serving Lynn, Newton, Needham, Dedham, Roxbury, Brookline, Watertown, Lexington, Somerville, Waltham, Saugus and many more towns and cities in the Greater Boston area.

  Pets can provide their owners with a variety of benefits, for example, your cat can help you to get rid of stress. However, all pets also need care. Please read to learn more about your pet diseases and how to treat them and take care of them.

Microchiping your pet

We can implant a chip, which has a unique serial number and is registered with the appropriate agency; it contains a file with your information. It means that your pet will never be lost; Boston Veterinary Associates offers a microchip, which can be read in the most of animal hospitals and by all animal control Boston Animal and Revere Pet Clinics

Spay / Neuter

Spaying (to sterilize by removing the ovaries) of your animals is very important, if you would like to keep your animal safe and healthy. For example, when you neuter your male cat reduces the testosterone levels, it helps to change its behavior, it will not mark his territory any more. Moreover, it is the best way to control the animal population.

Weight management

Sometimes your pet can't stop eating, you feed it, your family feed it and your friends feed it, nobody can refuse to those hungry eyes, the last bite of your dinner also goes to the dog. When you realize, that your pet is really fat, speak to your veterinarian for more information for an advice about possible diet.

Diabetes management

This disease can occur in any animal and at all ages. However, most times it affects overweight pets, cats, for example. Here are some symptoms of this disease: If your pet drinks and urinating excessively, if it eats more, but looses weight, please note, that it can be diabetes. Please do not postpone medical exam.

Dental Services

Oral diseases are the most common pet health problem. The infection can lead to teeth loss or teeth decay; moreover, it can lead to lung, liver and heart problems, when the bacteria are spreaded via the bloodstream. However, such problems can be easily treated and prevented, when passing dental exams regularly.
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