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Computer Systems Institute`s. New Campus in Worcester, MA
$100 Transfer Fee Waived for Fall 2012 Worcester Students

       Computer Systems Institute`s (CSI) highly effective English as a Second Language (ESL) and Business English programs are coming to the Worcester area with the opening of a new campus. The Intensive English program costs just $1,100 per quarter, and the Business English programs just $1,125 per quarter. For a limited time CSI will also be waiving the $100 transfer fee for all new students who enroll for the October 2012 start. Enrollment is now open, classes begin October 1st, 2012.

       “With our expansion from Charlestown-Boston to Worcester, the local international community has a new, affordable and highly effective alternative for learning the English language,” said Worcester Campus Manager and DSO, Guljana Nurmuradova.

       Serving international students from all over, the CSI Intensive English curriculum utilizes an innovative blended learning strategy that combines computer-assisted classroom learning, classroom instruction and project-based learning. This mix of methodologies helps students gain English proficiency quickly and reliably.

       CSI`s computer labs use professional language training software that reinforces what is learned in the classroom through activities such as practice conversations, vocabulary and grammar exercises, interactive learning games and sentence dictation. Group projects on topics such as students` native cultures and U.S. heroes provide real-life English communication opportunities to further promote learning. This exclusive CSI curriculum has already successfully served thousands of students from over 40 countries!

       “Our ESL program takes a unique approach that has been shown to be successful regardless of the student`s country of origin or prior English knowledge. In addition to the language education itself, that success stems from activities that help students adjust to living in the U.S.,” said Olga Gusak, Director of ESL Studies at CSI, who holds masters degrees in education, history and linguistics with an emphasis on multi-cultural education.

       In Worcester, CSI plans to offer beginner, intermediate and advanced English language courses covering reading, vocabulary, writing and oral skills. Each course includes ten hours of face-to-face instruction and eight hours of labs per week. CSI will also offer its unique Business English - Customer Service Specialist program that offers advanced development and training in professional communication and business while allowing students to have legal work authorization on a student visa.

       Classes at the new Worcester CSI campus are located at 10 Mechanic Street, Worcester, MA. Students are encouraged to call 888-880-2712 or visit for more information.

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